A production line for the production of dog food, for which our company supplied a complete automation system and software.

The ceremonial opening took place in the presence of the Czech ambassador to Finland.

Scope of DITES management:

Automation of the production line of the Simatic Siemens-1500 system.

This involves the management of transport routes for the reception of raw materials, the automatic production of mixtures on eight scales of bulk materials and six liquid scales, the Andritz mixing and scrapping line.

In addition, the production of granules using an extruder, spraying of additives, drying and management of expedition routes of the finished product.

The entire system ends the control of the delivery of granules to the packaging lines.

In total, we are talking about a distributed control system consisting of several CPUs and remote peripheral modules with almost 1500 connected digital signals and more than a hundred analog signals.

The SCADA and HMI systems are operated on 3 monitors in the operators’ control room and on 4 touch screens located in the operation.

Apart from this direct management, the DITES control system communicates with the packaging production lines of Viking Mašek and the enterprise ERP system Navision.